Before, using our site; and mobile application, you are kindly suggested  to read User’s Contract including general use conditions, relevant genera rules thereof  and legal responsibilities, as well as the terms and conditions referred below. If the conditions specified herein are not appropriate, please do not use sites or Mochka's mobile application. By using the site or mobile application and by filling the form which your personal information shall also take place, you will be deemed to have accepted the conditions specified in these pages.

This contract refers some liabilities and entitlements for the site and the extension of the site or mobile application, and when the parties accept this contract they shall be deemed to have declared that they would fulfill these liabilities in full and on time as per the contractual conditions.

Mochka keeps its right reserved to change, re-organize the information indicated in this site  or mobile application as well as the services, product, use conditions therein and to stop the web site activity without requiring a pre- notification in this respect.  These amendments become effective on the date of their publication in this site or mobile application.  Mochka suggests its users to visit the legal warning page while entering into the site or Mochka's mobile application. These conditions are also valid for other linked web pages.


1.Terms of use and confidentiality are open for all members .  Services provided over the Site  and  Mochka's mobile application are free f charge unless otherwise is stated.  Under below given conditions, site management may prohibit the member to use the site or  to use the mobile application and keeps its legal rights about people who attempted to do the following :

1.a.To record into the site wrong, irregular, deficient and misleading  information , expressions which do not comply with general ethical rules and information conflicting with Turkish Republic laws

1.b..Unauthorized copying of the content of the site or  Mochka mobile application either partially or completely ,

1.c.  User is directly responsible for all losses to born from sharing of user’s  name, codes which are given to the users or which are defined by them, further information, rights of use with third persons or various institutions( use of these data other than the user ).  Alike,  User is not allowed to use another person’s IP address, electronic mail address ,user’s name in internet environment, on the other hand, he is not allowed to access other users’ private data without authority or not allowed to use them .  User hereby is deemed to have accepted all kinds of legal and penal liability which may born from unauthorized use  .

1.d.  Use of software which would threaten  the security of the site or mobile application which would prevent the operation of the site , mobile application  and the relevant software ,various actions thereof, receiving, deletion and changing such information.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

2.a. Mochka is the sole proprietor  and the sole license holder of the general appearance and design of this internet site  and mobile applications, and all information, picture,  Mochka  trade name in the  internet site, and the mobile application, as well as area name, logo, icon, demonstrative, printed ,electronic, graphic or machine-read technical data, software , applied sales system ,work method   and all other materials and their intellectual and industrial rights and it is under legal protection . None of the materials included in the internet site or mobile application is allowed to be changed ,altered, amended, copied, multiplied, translated and converted into another license, including the code and software,  re- published, loaded into another computer, mailed, presented or distributed without prior permission and authority . Internet site or mobile application are not allowed to be used in another internet site either entirely or partially. People who violate these provisions shall be subject to legal and penal sanctions. All other rights which are not  expressed obviously herein are reserved by  Mochka.

2.b. All the rights regarding the critics which are transmitted to and  Mochka's mobile application are owned by  Mochka, if requested, they may be used for marketing purpose  by Mochka .


3.a. Mochka  shall not explain the personal information, transmitted by the users, with the 3rd parties. Such personal data includes person’s name, surname, address, telephone no, mobile phone, e- mail address and such other information which describe the user; shortly referred as “ confidential information” .

3.b. Mochka is entitled to reach the user for communication, marketing, notification and for other purposes through his address, e- mail address, fixed or mobile phone numbers or other communication information which have been either declared by the user in the  registration  form  which takes place in the  site or mobile application. User; by accepting this contract, hereby accepts and declares that Mochka is allowed to contact him as specified above, unless a written notification takes place on the contrary.

3.c.Mochka; provided to be used within the scope of presentation, introduction, campaign,  promotion, announcement atc. Marketing purposes,  hereby declares and commits that it gives its consent to the company which is the owner of the to share its communication, portfolio situation  and demographic data with its affiliates or participations. This personal information may be used to determine the customer profile within the scope of the company, to present appropriate promotions and campaigns with the customer profile and to make statistical works.   The information belonging to the visitors of and mobile application (visiting period, time, viewed pages) are being followed in order to present better and qualifies service to            them . Such information; based on confidentiality conditions,  are being shared with some companies which we cooperate for  advertisement   purposes in order to extend  and improve the  content. The objective herein is to  improve the experience submitted by the site and the mobile application to its users  and to develop

3.d. Confidential  information may be explained to public authorities if duly requested by them and in cases where it is necessary to disclose such information as per the applicable legislation.

3.e. User; while using site and  Mochka's mobile application services, hereby accepts to abide by Turkish Penal Law , Turkish Code of Obligations, Intellectual Property and Art Works Law, Trade Name  and Patent Rights Protection Legislation, Obligations Law and other legislation, and all kinds of announcements  to be published over's internet site and  mobile application  regarding its services. User is hereby responsible for all kinds of legal, penal and  financial responsibilities  to born from the violation of these notifications and announcements.

3.f. User is not allowed to  act in such a manner to impede other users’  and visitors’ utilization of and  Mochka's mobile application, is  not allowed to load automatic programs to the servers  or data bases and not allowed to force/lock them accordingly.   Fraudulent action is certainly forbidden.  If so;  user hereby accepts  and declares that  his membership shall be terminated  and all kinds of legal and penal sanctions will be undertaken by him. 

3.g.  It is the user’s responsibility to back up  the messages made through  and  Mochka mobile application  and it is suggested y Mochka. Mockha is not allowed to be kept responsible for loss, deletion or damage of the massage texts if this action is not made.

3.h. Cancellation of membership and deletion of accounts may be made by the user over Such user shall be prohibited to access the site and  Mochka's mobile application. The user who cancelled his membership  accepts that this is a final action. Mocha decides whether to delete or not all records regarding the user’s account which have been either   terminated by or user’s himself.  User is not entitled to claim for any right or compensation for the records deleted .

3.i. This internet site and mobile application may involve connection or reference to other internet sites  which are not controlled by Mochka.  Mochka is not responsible for the contents of these sites  or other connections which they include.

3.j. In specific parts of the site, special rules and liabilities may be stated for that section. The person and institutions who used these sections have accepted these rules in advance.

3.k. In order to get aware of our measures and  our general policy which we are taking  in order to protect our users’ personal data and confidentiality, please read  the section; "Confidentiality Policy”. User hereby accepts that; as of the time he is utilizing the services, he shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions of this participation contract and the contract shall be binding for him. User hereby accepts to compensate all losses incurred by Mochka, due to his violation  of the liabilities  born from this contract.

Mochka is entitled to recourse all compensation and/or punitive fines and/or administrative fines to the user, which the Mochka should pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to the user’s violating the contractual provisions.

4. Service permanency

4.a Mochka ; in order to provide the permanency of the  services committed, may make unilateral amendments  in this contract without making any notification thereof. Mochka is entitled to  interrupt the service either temporarily or permanently unilaterally or to cancel the service  without making any notification in this respect.  User hereby accepts this right. Mochka ; in case of any change, shall publish updated  terms of use  under the same link on the current date in its site, and if considers necessary it shall notify it to the users by electronic mail. Updated terms of use shall be effective after being published in and   the use of site or Mochka's mobile application shall be based on the renewed terms of use as of that date. The membership of the user who have sent materials to site or to the mobile application, which are illegal and against the rules  of the site,  shall be immediately cancelled by Mochka unilaterally without making any notification thereof. 

4.b Contract’s entry into force : User, after filling this registration form and  after receiving any service by using this system  or as of placing any order, shall be deemed to have comply with the contract.  The contract shall be automatically expired after the membership expires or in case of any reason for termination occurs, without any further notification.

 5. Confidentiality Policy; to render better service, requests your some personal information  during the membership process (name, age,  e-mail, etc). These data shall be collected at and  are being used there for campaign works or for enabling  special promotion activities for your profile. Except your personal information; statistical data regarding your transactions you made  in the site or over mobile application are being analyzed  and kept by

Mochka never shares such private personal data with third parties without the user’s knowledge or his direction and never uses  o sells them for commercial  purposes. uses the properties of   the Google Analytics’ Re-Marketing & Demography  and Interest Area Reporting. By using your advertisement set up you may remain out of the scope of Google Analytics  for Visual Advertisement and you may privatize your Google Visual  Advertisement Network Commercials. Demographic information which is provided by  Google Analytics, and advertisements given by are used for privatization according to our users’ areas of interest.  This information may be used for target audience works, on the other hand  they may be also shared by  advertisement publishers, along with information belonging to other users. By accepting this confidentiality contract, you hereby consent  that your personal information may be  shared by  Advertisement Publishers  for advertisement  and introduction purposes . These data do not involve any personal data  (name, surname , T.R. Identification  No, gender, age , etc.) and is being used for  making works on users’ trends and for the  segmentation of  the target group .

 Including Google,  third party providers shall show  and  Mochka's mobile application commercials on the banner areas  which are given on the publishing sites over the internet Based on the  previous visits of the users in and mobile application, in order to collect information for the advertisements,  to optimize the commercials  and to publish them; they are used by  and by third party providers, including  Google, along with first party  cookies  and third party cookies.

Customer information may be explained to public authorities if duly requested by them and in cases where it is necessary to disclose such information as per the applicable legislation.

You credit card information which is  requested  on the payment page; in order to keep our distinguished customers’ security at the highest level, are not preserved in the servers  of  and  Mochka's mobile application, or in the servers of the companies which are serving for them . Accordingly, all transactions for payment are enabled to be completed  through data base  between your bank and your computer  or your phone.

You may always reach us from the contact information given below. Customer is the only party to be capable of reaching its own information and of changing them .  Such information is not able to be reached by third parties .

By clicking the link; “please click if you do not want to be made aware of our campaign announcements”  which is at the bottom part of the mails sent from, or skipping the option of “ I wish to receive advertisement  and announcement e- mails” in the “ Membership data Updating”  included in ; “ My account” section over the site, you can easily get out from mail delivery list.

 6. Amendments on the Contract 

 Mochka may change the services rendered in this site and the terms of the contract  either partially or completely  whenever wishes to do so . Such amendments will enter into force upon being published in the site. It is under user’s responsibility to follow up the amendments. User shall be deemed to have accepted this changes if he continues to utilize these services .