Mochka Franchising:

‘‘Now it is your turn for the most elegant gain ’’

 Mochka is a global trade mark and  it provides Franchising opportunity for the investors who believe that they can reach the relevant trade mark standards .

If the location of your store and investment  planning is approved, all  franchising conditions shall be discussed between the parties in detailed manner .

Undertaking various primary applications and providing top  quality service since its foundation, 2013,  Mochka shall be happy to cooperate with you  for the franchising system which has been created with its experience throughout the years .

Advantages to be a Mochka Franchisee:

Decrease of risk , increased chance of success : As Mochka Franchisee, you are considerably alleviating  the probable risk which an independent entrepreneur would  confront after getting into the market.  Mochka’s well-known trade name and its accepted  goods and service presentation shall increase your chance to be successful when you get into the market.  

Cost  Advantage: The experience acquired by Mochka decreases Franchisee’s costs considerably. Mochka Franchisees may utilize  Mochka’s research and experiences without spending  money and time. Besides, Franchisees shall be able to utilize all kinds of advertisement, introduction and  public relation activities  executed by  Mochka  thus they will have get rid of such expenses as well.  

Common  Stock Management Advantages :  Based on Mochka CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system,  Franchisees are able to see the entire product stock at the center. Thus,  if the product indicated in Mochka e-trade site is not available at the center’s stock; Franchisee may be able to sell that product .

High Profit Margin : Due to Mochka trade mark recognition  and customer royalty,  Franchisees reach high profit margin . Mochka does to take profit share from the Franchisees. 

Training Support : Mochka provide training and expert personnel support to its Franchisees.   


The process for being a Mochka Franchisee:


Mochka Franchisee requests may be accomplished by application through  the  web site, getting information by phone call or through reference procedure .


The applicant who wishes to be a Mochka Franchisee fills the application form including the resume, work experiences and reference data .

Pre –Interview  

Among the applicants who wish to be a Mochka Franchisee, those whose profiles are approved will vet invited to our company for a more detailed negotiation 

Business  Plan Presentation 

 Mochka Franchisee nominates, of which the pre-interview was found successful,  will be requested to prepare a work plan which is going to be  introduced to the management  .


Management decides whether Mochka Franchisee Candidate may accomplish the issues indicated in the plant or not .


Mochka Franchisee Candidate signs a pre-protocol .

Orientation and Preparation :

Mochka Franchisee Candidate and personnel will be subject to an obligatory training process.

At the same time, necessary actions shall be initiated for finding a store at a an appropriate location, approval by the management and decoration process. 

Contract  and Opening  

If no problem occurs during the training process,  store leasing  procedures shall be completed  and a contract shall be signed by the parties .

 For getting information about Franchise  and Distributorship Conditions ;

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