For hygienic reasons, the bijouterie (Necklace / Earring / Bracelet) can not be returned.
If the purchased product is defective or defective, there is a request for departure or return by sending it with a record kept with the cargo officer on the same day.
If the invoice for performing the exchange or refund transactions is not sent with all copies, no refund or transaction should be made. Product; complete with all parts, accessories and product package.
Choose your exchange or refund by selecting one of the options:
Refund: The total amount you pay will be transferred to your credit card or bank account after deducting shipping, gift wrapping and other charges. Receiving is received from the winnings in the shopping, you must send these gifts with the product package you will be returning.
Product design: Your old product will be replaced with a new product, if you have earned your purchases, we wanted to return these gifts.
· Approval by Mochka and its conduct, refunds, failure to guarantee the transaction.
· Choose your package after passing it with us at our customer service authorities so that you can exchange and return.
Shipping Costs
If there is a damaged, defective, different or missing product in the delivery, in return transactions, the shipping costs are covered by Mochka. In the event of a refund, you must inform us by e-mail when the cargo is delivered on the day of delivery.
In case of canceling or returning an ordered product (subject to return conditions), we will be responsible for shipping.
It determines that a lot of processing is being performed.
Return and exchange transactions with PTT SHIPPING in our shipment, otherwise the shipping fee will not be covered by us.
When you receive your order, you can check your package by opening your package. If the products are missing or damaged, if you have a record, do not take delivery of the package to the cargo official. When the product is delivered, you should specify whether the box is opened or not, and the size and cargo officer must sign the report.
In order to make the transactions error-free and short, please tell your customer service by informing our customer service on the order settings in the order confirmation e-mail in the e-mail address.
In such a case, all the products you have ordered will be returned at no additional charge. By delivering the report to the incoming cargo officer without adding any additional items to the apartment that you do not accept the delivered products.