What is Mochka.com ?

Mochka.com is your new address for your jewel and accessory preference !  Mochka  will raise  the voice of you style  with the jewels and accessories designed  at its workshops within its own scope where  hand workmanship are  brought together with  different texture and materials .

You may check all items without being a Mochka.com member , and you can follow up closely the most trendy jewels  and accessories as a member .

Taste the elegance with Mochka.com which is the address of 100% safe shopping with its return and replacement opportunities!

Is it safe from shopping Mochka.com?

Mochka.com attaches great importance to the security of its guests’ personal data. Due to  SSL Certificate acquired by   Mochka.com,  your personal data is transmitted to your bank through a special encoding system  and  preserved by  Mochka.com.  Thus you will accomplish your shopping safely .

Do the colors of the products from Mochka.com fade and do the products lead to allergy?

Mochka does not use any material which is unhealthy for human health in its products designed at its own workshops with hand workmanship, through high quality and different texture and materials.

Do you have mobile application?

Mochka.com has  İOS  and  Android applications. Due to these applications, you may enjoy  fast and safe shopping  anywhere and anytime you wish .

You can use the below given link  to download our applications.

How can I place an order from Mochka.com?

Products have been classified in various categories in Mochka.com. You can see these categories at the top menu , you may order any product by visiting categories or by using search choice. To place an order, you should first add the product you wish to buy into your product basket. For accomplishing this process, the subject item should be included in our stocks.  

There is an information at the right top corner stating that how many products are included in your basket . Click the “purchase” button on the screen which you view your basket   and go to further step to complete purchasing.

To continue purchasing process for the product which you added into your basket in Mochka.com, you should first be a member, if you are, already  ; you should enter into your membership data  or you should use the option of   ‘‘Entry through Facebook ’’. Due to   ‘‘Entry through Facebook’’ option, you can rapidly complete your shopping without being an actual member . When you use this, our site shall automatically see your name and surname indicated in you  Facebook account .

After entering through membership or Entry through Facebook; you can see the purchasing screen  which consists of  5 different stages . You should specify your invoice and delivery addresses on the screen. 

If your invoice and delivery addresses are the same, you may chose the relevant option  and you may go further to order summery section.  ‘Order summery”’’ section is an step showing you how many pieces you wish to place an order from the relevant item, you may add a note to your gift, if any, and you may sign a payment option therein.  After choosing the payment section  and filling required information,  and after accepting  ‘feedback , replacement and return conditions ’’, you will use ‘‘complete the order ’’ button and you may pass to payment screen. Your credit card information shall be never shared with 3rd persons .

On the payment screen, you will be requested to give your credit card data. After entering such information in full and correct,  click the ‘‘complete the payment ’”  button  and complete your purchasing process.  After completing the payment , you will be directed to  the page of  ‘‘result of the order ’’.

If your credit card information is full and correct, you will see that your order has been approved on the result of the order page. When your order is approved, an “order number” shall appear on the screen. Please note this number . In case of any failure regarding the payment; this will be indicated in detailed manner on the screen . Accordingly, you may go back to the payment page and  you may re-enter relevant information in full and correct to complete the payment process .

When your order is approved, an e- mail will be sent to your address, indicating your order information in detailed .

 Is there any registration charge for being a Mochka.com member?

No registration charge is applicable for Mochka.com membership.

What is Elite membership?

Mochka Elite Membership is a system providing special service and  advantages to make your shopping experience privileged . Elite members  may utilize free of charge shipping for their orders and returns , personal gifts on birthday, and from Mochka Elite Customer Services for their shopping to be made through  Mochka.com or from Mochka stores every day. 

How can I pay ?

For shopping through   Mochka.com, you can use all credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), paying at the door or cash payment and through bank transfer options.

What is the waiting period for the product I added to the basket?

The products you added into the basket during shopping from Mochka.com will continue to be shown in your basket unless you delete them or they are consumed.  Mochka.com;  for enabling equal opportunity for every one under equal conditions, do not reserve the products in your basket  in your name . Despite the product is included in your shopping basket, as it is not reserved in your name, you should consider that it may be consumed.

Is delivery available for foreign countries? 

Mochka.com’s delivery abroad is available.  Shipping fee differs  according to the destination country indicate in your delivery address . You can see the final cargo charge on the screen after entering your address information .  You are responsible for customs duties and charges according to the customs clearance procedures of the destination country.

If you wish to return the goods for your abroad deliveries;  cargo fee  and customs duty and further expenses, in accordance with the applicable customs clearance legislation, will be covered by yourself .


Is VAT included into the  prize ?

VAT is included  in the price of the goods within  Mochka.com.

How much time is required to receive the order ?

Your cargo is shipped during the time referred in the detailed page of your order.  Shipping is made according to the latest delivery period among the items you have purchased. If  the products in  Mochka.com stocks are ordered before  15.00 hrs. during the week, they are shipped on the same day  and are delivered within 1 or 2 days according to the city you live.  Products which are not included in our stocks are delivered  to us within 2-10 business days  and later on they are shipped by cargo  to your address .

Your orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays are sent by cargo on the next business day. You may check the preparation stages of your orders from ‘‘my orders ’’tab ; and you may also check your package from the link;” where is my cargo?” which becomes active after e-mail notification indicating that your package has been shipped .

Which Courier Company delivers my order  ?

Delivery of your orders within the Turkey is provided by the courier company which you prefer and an insurance is made for delivery.

DHL Cargo Company is contracted for your deliveries abroad  .

How can I receive my order if the cargo has been delivered to my address while I was out ?

If you are not at your address during the delivery time,  your package shall be delivered to the nearest   Branch of the Courier Company you preferred  and an information note shall be left t your attention .  You should take it within 3 days . Otherwise, your order shall be returned to Mochka.com.  You may claim the re-delivery within 2 business days.  In such a case, the delivery charge shall be claimed from you again and your order shall be shipped again according to counter- payment  procedure .

Can I add a gift note to my order

You may add a gift note for your orders from Mochka.com. You should sign the gift note option and fill it during placing your order.