has been continuing to be your primary address  for your choices of jewel and accessories since 1999.

Mochka  is raising  the voice of you style  with the jewels and accessories designed  at its workshops within its own scope where  hand workmanship are  brought together with  different texture and materials .

With the unique contrasts selected from the supernatural pallet of the nature, Mocha makes you set out on a journey with the rhythms of its designs.

Displaying an ecologic attitude and not using any unhealthful  material, Mochka; with its Head Office in Ankara  andewad Office Head  with its distributorships which are  getting increased  both in Turkey and all around the word,  provides you  the opportunity to follow  the world trends closely for jewels and accessories .

Wear the style and elegancy with which is the address of 100% safe shopping with its return and replacement opportunities!