Confidentiality Agreement:

This declaration involves the confidentiality policy.  By visiting e-trade site, you are deemed  to have accepted the below indicated terms and conditions. request from you some private information at membership state and later on .  It is team’s priority to protect your personal information  and to keep the confidentiality. For this reason, data you have supplied shall not be used for any purpose apart from the rules and objectives indicated in the membership and sales contracts and shall not be shared with third parties.

Customer information shall be only explained to public authorities if requested by them and in accordance with applicable legislation.

For determination of the problems related to the system  and for their fastest recovery, determines the users’ IP addresses if required and use them r. IP addresses may be also  used to define the customers generally  and to collect extensive demographic data .

When you became  a member of or when you make shopping without being an actual member, weekly bulletins shall be sent to your e-mail address. You are entitled to change this application, to waive from this application or to re-start it if you wish to do . 

The content of these-mails consists of the campaigns, discount opportunities  regarding the products we have been selling,  bulletins to be sent for the determination of product  and customer satisfaction  and further information thereof .

By shopping from our site or by filling the “Call Me Information Form” about the products  or by claiming information from our company  e-mail addresses , you will be deemed to have accepted that our organization will communicate with you  through our bulletin, e-mail , telephone call and SMS.

All your credit card and personal information has been decoded 128 Bit by SSL Secure System which is an internet security system. Accordingly, your personal information  is hereby prevented to be captured by unauthorized persons or institutions through internet .  You may send us e-mail from our communication section in our site for your questions and suggestions regarding our  confidentiality policy .

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